Danmark og Arktis

Det er ikke en bog, men et større undervisningsforløb til samfundsfag på A- og B-niveau (STX) om Danmarks relationer til Arktis. Forløbet er lavet i samarbejde med Martin Breum.

Danmark og Arktis

Danmark og Arktis

Forløbet introducerer nogle af de centrale aktører og problematikker, der vedrører Danmark og Arktis, hvor noget af det væsentligste er relationen til Grønland og Rigsfællesskabet.

Der er bl.a. links til tekstbogsmaterialer, der introducerer international politik og dets teorier. Jeg har også lavet opgaver, der lægger op til at anvende teorierne på stoffet.

Der er materiale til et sted mellem 12 og 16 moduler af 90 minutter. Det ligger på denne hjemmeside som en pdf-fil til fri afbenyttelse.




New York City – stories, structures, society

New York City - Stories, Structures, Society

New York City – Stories, Structures, Society

by Anders Stubkjær (ed.), Tina Jensen and John Mølgaard, published on I-Tunes in January 2014

New York City is one of the most vibrant cities in the world. In this digitalized world, digital literacy ought to be an integral part of every curriculum. In this book we seek to combine the two with a course which will train students’ ability to analyse, interpret and communicate in English using some of the most recent digital technology.

We have chosen topics such as geography and architecture, immigrants past and present, 9/11 and its aftermath and poetry, because of their importance when it and because we enjoy teaching these topics.

The book is aimed at A-level English (STX) in the Danish gymnasium (upper secondary / 16-19 years).

Having in mind the rapidly changing world of technology, new technology may indeed emerge tomorrow or soon after and this could soon outdate some of the present material. Nevertheless, we invite you pick and choose, to use all or just some of it or mix it your own ideas.

We would be delighted to hear from you if you have comments to the book, ideas to new digital programmes or exercises or anything else.

As of December 2013, the book is awating i-Tunes approval. Regardless, the book is available for free as a pdf-file:

‘New York City – Stories, Structures, Society’ by Anders Stubkjær (ed.), Tina Jensen, John Mølgaard Sørensen

The European Union and the Middle East

The European Union and the Middle East

The European Union and the Middle East

By Søren Zibrandt von Dosenrode-Lynge and Anders Stubkjær

Contemporary European Studies, no. 12, 2002,
Sheffield Academic Press, London and New York, 176 pages

The entire manuscript is avaliable for online reading at Google Books.

The book presents a concise historical analysis of the relationship between the European Union (and its predecessors) and the Middle East, from the early 1950s to the present day.

In the book we provide the reader with a survey of the evolution of the foreign policy mechanisms of the EU and an outline of the relevant aspects of Middle East history. We examine the relationship between the two regions  from 1950 to the end of the Cold War.

We emphasise especially the period following the 1973/4 oil crisis, we look at the post-cold war era, discus the conflict with Iraq, and examine the EU’s continuing involvement in the Middle East ‘peace process.

Rosemary Hollis (2004), Head of the Middle East Programme at the Royal Institute of Internationale Affairs (RIIA) in London writes:

“…Useful chronological account of policies of the European Community and thereafter the European Union on the Middle East…”

European Library (No 8357/531, 8&9 Dec 2002) writes:

“…This study of the European Union and the Middle East proves interesting because it reflects the challenges facing the Union…In other words it clarifies the emerging role of the Union as a player on the international stage”

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Alder: 46 år
Uddannelse: Cand. mag. i Engelsk, Internationale og Mellemøststudier fra Aalborg Universitet. Master of Arts i International Studies, University of Sheffield.
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