In English

Teaching and social media
These days, I teach English and Social Studies at Sønderborg Statsskole, an upper secondary school in Southern Jutland, close to the border to Germany. I’m particularly interested in social media and how social media can be integrated into my teaching both in English and Social Studies.

My educational background consists of a Master in English, International and Middle Eastern Studies from University of Aalborg, and a Master of Arts in International Studies from the Department of Politics, University of Sheffield. You can read about my work experience in more detail on my LinkedIn-profile.

International politics and blended families
A favourite pastime of mine is writing. For years, I have been focusing on various aspects of international relations, in particular the evolving relationship between the European Union and the Middle East. In 2002, I co-authored the book ‘The European Union and the Middle East’.

Since 2007, I have broadened my focus to include the topic of blended families. What intrigues me, and what I try to write about are the challenges that blended families meet – and how these challenges can be overcome. At present, I only write in Danish.

Another interest of mine is song writing. “Journeys and Dreams” is the title of my first cd which was released in March 2010. You can read more about my musical endeavours on my other website. I must confess that most of it is in Danish, but there are links to my Myspace-profile and to I-Tunes, and all of the lyrics are in English.